Advanced Framing Techniques

When completing complicated framing projects, we are able to handcraft shapes as required to produce the desired finished design. Recently, our framing team executed a precise dome to match the architect’s design, using advanced framing techniques. Our team is highly skilled in their craft and unparalleled in their attention to detail. This type of execution is critical when building high-end homes for our clients. Whether you are looking for an exposure detail or a subtle architectural detail, we are able to work hand-in-hand with your architect or design team to perfect your dream look.

Engineered Trusses

We use engineered trusses in all of our homes, designed to align to the customer's architectural plan and built in a manufacturing plant to ensure strength and quality. They are all designed to meet the state’s hurricane load standards as well as specific design criteria for each project. Our team is experienced in understanding the engineering requirements and structural needs of all homes. We will work with you to review plans, explain the materials and methods to be used, and map out the plan to execute your dream home.

Timberstrand LSL Wall Studs

When perfectly seamless walls are requested for a high end finish, we use necessary materials to achieve an elite look. TimberStrand LSL studs and columns provide excellent value when used selectively in the framing zones of a house, where straight studs translate into flush walls. These zones include kitchen cabinet walls, tiled bath walls, tall walls, and other prominent areas, such as staircases and hallways. Our wall studs are engineered to last the entire life of your home, without any issues or repairs needed.

Research Into Existing Structures

When doing a renovation or tear down project, our team will first review all of the construction documents available and determine all of the required steps necessary to ensure a successful renovation. Before our teams start a rebuild or renovation, we will review the existing structural needs of your home, provide recommendations on required safety measures and identify the best way to renew the structural integrity of the home. Renovation projects can be tricky to get right, but with a team of experts, we are confident that we will leave our customers with a structurally sound and beautiful new home.


All of our jobs are required to have the highest safety measures available. We even ensure safety devices are present in areas that will eventually be covered up during the finishing steps of a build. We abide by all safety regulations out in place, and require our team, sub contractors and home owners to follow these important safety guidelines also. This is an important step in our building process that is never overlooked.